PICS and Recourse

PICS and Recourse

Knowing what works in your daily business activities and what doesn’t is what separates the good managers from the great ones.

PICS is designed with this idea in mind, with several functions designed to improve your understanding of exactly what is going on with your work at the various locations you have active business activities.

maxresdefaultOnce again, we have a two part solution to recourse, making sure you know exactly what happens throughout your business at all times. Part one is available right now and part two is under active development. We expect deployment within the month, keep an eye out for the announcement. Part one is the job reporting structure which allows for the viewing, download and archiving of all the data collected on site.

What this means is that at any point in time, you have access to exactly what was reported as being complete including the time and location of the completed task. If any of the reported information differs from the actual situation on site, there is structured path to follow up and define where in the link the problem occurred.

PICS retains time stamps from all submitted data as well as the images submitted, there is no fooling the system here. Should there be an inconsistency between the reported data and the passive collected data, you will be aware of it and will be able to take appropriate action.

PICS isn’t all about making sure your own representatives are working as they should be, in addition to keeping track of what they do and when. You have reliable evidence of completion or non-completion of a job, there can be no question about what was done and what wasn’t. Any disputes with a client over what has and has not been completed should be quickly resolved.

PICS is going to make your business that much easier to control and help improve the efficiency of all your activities. Our cost effective solution is going to help grow your business.


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