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Learn all about Kusasa, who we are, where we came from and why you should be doing business with us.

About Us:

Kusasa is capable of providing robust, secure and scalable solutions with multiple functions while at the same time allowing you a bespoke workflow. Our breadth of experience allows us to understand potential requirements from your perspective and translate that to function. Our software works.
Data or Information:

Data can be anything, characters, numerals or letters with no discernible order or importance. Data is not very useful at all. Information on the other hand has order and structure. It follows a set of rules.

Information is Key:

We are in the businesses of creating information out of data. Kusasa develops software to manage all the data you have to deal with and convert it into useful, useable information that makes business sense.

You’re In Good Company

The Team

Craig Baker

The other guy.

Michael Barnett

The technology wrangler, takes big ideas and molds digital realities.

Lawrence Baker

The sales specialist, turns curiosity into ideas and ideas into business.

Daryl Bartkunsky

The veteran businessman, keeps us pointed in the right direction.

Mufaro Hove

The software dev… some say, he sees the world in hexadecimal.

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    Our Office:

    You’re welcome to come visit:
    42 Homestead Rd, Rivonia
    134 7th AVE, Edenvale

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    Give us a call: 087 803 9742 (ZA)

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    Office Hours:

    9am to 6pm.
    Monday to Friday

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