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Yes, we build amazing web applications like  Saleboat and CA Training but did you know we have also built a lot of fantastic websites for various sized companies? We could be building your website next. Our approach to the web his holistic, we have the resources, understanding and talent available to fulfil your online aspirations, whatever form they may take.

Don’t take our word for it, see for yourself:

Website Projects

Understand It Website

Understand It

Understand It is an online learning platform website project created by Kusasa which allows users to access and learn all...
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UJ Knowledge For Action Website

Knowledge For Action

Knowledge For Action by UJ is a project to provide educators all over South Africa with the tools they need...
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Good Night Drink Screenshot

Good Night Drink

Good Night Drink is a new brand in South Africa, which promises to redefine how we think about beverages, it...
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UJ Winter School Screenshot

UJ Winter School

Winter School is Back! This site is a rare treat because it only appears once a year, for about 2...
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Vivid Designs Screenshot

Vivid Designs

Vivid Designs provides a wide array of design orientated services for business. The owner of Vivid Designs approached us with...
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Caro Communications Screenshot

Caro Communications

Caro Communications is a small business in the marketing sector. They provide a turnkey solution for companies looking to improve...
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Pineware Screenshot is an online product showcase created for the Pineware Small Appliance brand in South Africa. Caro Communications approached us...
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The Divorce Source Screenshot

The Divorce Source is an organisation which provides information and resources to women going through a divorce. It was created...
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CA Training Screenshot

CA Training is a small business operating in South Africa which specialises in assisting firms in training Chartered Accountants while...
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Saleboat Support Screenshot

Saleboat Support Site

This website was created as an online support system for our flagship service offering, Saleboat. It was designed to be...
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Umoya Cellular Screenshot

This website is no longer in use
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Kusasa Website

This portfolio item should probably be in our blog, the reasoning why this site was done this way is more...
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Future UJ Website

The Future UJ Portal was our first major UJ website. UJ, of course, is one of the leading public universities...
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Malka Ella Screenshot

Malka Ella is a non-profit organisation which collects funds to help Jewish couples conceive a child. They approached us with...
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UJ Pension Screenshot

The UJ Pension Fund site gives UJ pension fund members a resource to find all the information they need about...
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Get Saleboat Website

Get Saleboat is a website created to feature our flagship product, Saleboat. This website is quite a challenge because it...
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UJ Umatter Screenshot

U Matter is a part of the UJ PsyCaD division, which helps students cope with the challenges of living and...
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ProOpt Screenshot

ProOpt Computer Services is one of our founder’s companies, started in 2009 to provide tech support to individuals and small...
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Alagem Movers Screenshot

Alagem Movers provides truck rental, removal services and building materials This is a long running small business in Linksfield, they...
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4SA Medical Supplies Screenshot

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