Can Small business benefit from CRM Systems?

In a short answer, of course. This question can be answered with another question, can a small business afford to lose money every day as a result of inefficiencies such as incompetent sales staff and time wasting? The answer to that is no. If there are any businesses that cannot afford time wasting and inefficiency it is the smaller 1-10 man businesses that struggle to compete with companies 100 times their size.

When competing with global corporations whom offer the same products or services, a small business’ competitive advantage comes from its excellent service as a result of its attention to detail when it comes to its clients’ needs. Prospecting is often very difficult as keeping your current large clients seems to take up all of your time.

Saleboat CRM system addresses all of these concerns and goes much further. Not only will Saleboat ensure that the company’s sales efforts are aligned and effective but it will also ensure that you never neglect a current client as a result of its intuitive notification, warning system, which will not let a sales rep neglect a paying customer.

The reason most small businesses don’t engage with CRM’s is because they are often exceptionally pricey and take a lot of admin to set up and initialise within an organisation. Saleboat addresses these concerns as well. Saleboat is designed to be flexible enough to fit into any business structure, not the other way around. Saleboat is one of the most affordable CRM systems on the market currently, the reason it is more affordable than most is due to the fact that the developers know what a large impact small businesses have on the economy and at the same time understand how much ineffective sales can plague smaller businesses.

At R165 per user per month, the system is completely dwarfed by the pricing of its “competitors”, yet Saleboat manages to dwarf them in features and flexibility.

The question asked was, can small businesses benefit from CRM systems and the answer was of course, if the CRM system of choice is Saleboat. Spending R20K per month or more on a CRM would hardly break even in terms of a return on investment for most small businesses. Saleboat will not cost your full operating profit to fund, on the contrary, it is completely affordable and has a proven track record of single-handedly bringing in more money than it costs as a result of aiding prospecting whilst making sure the paying accounts are kept happy, all the time.

So the question can be rephrased once again, can you afford to not use Saleboat? The answer is no. Saleboat is the Small businesses’ best friend and is the Big CRM for small business.