The Benefits of Saleboat Part 2

The idea behind using Saleboat is a simple yet effective one, give sales reps the freedom to work to their fullest potential whilst allowing managers the ability to have unhindered oversight and access to actionable information about their sales teams.

Red_Silhouette_-_Salesman.svg (2)For sales representatives:

Saleboat automates a lot of a sales rep’s administrative work, it automatically captures the when and where’s of every meeting and phone call, which means their time is spent doing what they do best, SELL.

  • Saleboat is a cloud based CRM, this means that your full database, complete with clients and prospects’ information as well as your full schedule and many other useful selling tools, travel with you at all times. This allows reps to have vital facilities at their disposal, even when they’re out of the office, which should be the case as often as possible.
  • Saleboat is an organizational tool that can be used to manage a rep’s time more efficiently. All meetings, tasks and phone calls can be scheduled within the system, this allows sales reps to organise the very disorganised world that selling can often be.
  • Saleboat keeps track of and records all client and prospect interactions. This allows for sales staff to look back at what has been promised and what has been done for a client or prospect. The system will also alert the assigned rep in the event that they have been neglecting a client or prospect, failure to act upon this notification would result in management being alerted to this fact.

boss-1020725_960_720For Sales Managers

The focus of Saleboat for sales managers is to provide a means for managers to understand how the reps are interacting with their clients and prospects and help their reps improve over time. For larger organisations, Saleboat further allows overreaching access to the performance of various teams within the sales structures of an organisation.

  • All the meetings, calls and tasks performed by a sales person are recorded and can be reviewed by the appropriate managers at any time. All this is done in real time, which means managers can have up to the second accurate information about a sales person’s activities.
  • Empowering management to keep sales representatives accountable for their activities over a longer period is achieved through powerful reporting functionality. Saleboat allows managers to see, download or print various sales metrics over any amount of time. In addition, our highly acclaimed weekly emailed team reports are generated for each manager
  • A manager can use real-time facts to help improve performance of a rep, team or entire company. Saleboat provides all the tools a manager might need to manage a sales team.
  • Saleboat allows managers to physically track the location of a sales rep at any time during work hours, if a particular rep is a cause for concern, a manager can keep an eagle eye on him and make sure the company’s money is being well spent.