The Benefits of Saleboat Part 1

The Real Benefits of Saleboat:

In our “What is Saleboat?” article, the idea of what exactly the platform does was reviewed from the perspective of both the sales representatives and sales managers. This article reviews the benefits of using Saleboat in your business. You already know the basics, Saleboat helps sales people work faster and better.

Logo-BaseSaleboat is wholly owned and run by a South African company, Kusasa Information Systems (Pty) Ltd. This provides Saleboat users with several distinct advantages. Saleboat subscriptions are billed in South African Rand, no unexpected price fluctuations due to volatility in other currencies. Saleboat complies with local legislation, including tax, VAT, BEE and privacy laws. We do our best to keep everything above board. Saleboat servers are also available locally, which means users get the fastest possible access to all the service has to offer.

Saleboat still works anywhere in the world with an internet connection and on almost any internet capable device.

Saleboat is flexible, this can mean many things depending on who you talk to, but that’s the point. The in-built features allow managers to set up their organisational structure exactly how they need to and use the reporting functionality based on how they like to do things, there’s very little external change that has to happen to implement Saleboat into any company. This is not where the flexibility ends. Kusasa engages with users all the time to find out what will make the work flow more effective.

Saleboat is a great platform, and it did not get this way by chance. All of the input we get from users is carefully analysed and the best ideas end up on the development schedule. Innovations in both the sales and technology sectors means that Saleboat is constantly evolving and adding new features while improving on the existing ones.

Part of why Saleboat can be such a pleasure to use is the support which is in place for all users. You are not dealing with a faceless international call centre; support is provided by real people who work with the system every day. People who understand business processes, how and why Saleboat is used. The whole of Kusasa Information Systems is here to help, from the interns to the M.D.

A comprehensive online support resource is also available and Saleboat even offers training for first-time users. Everyone can use Saleboat and sale away from the competition.