What Is Saleboat

What is Saleboat?

Saleboat is a multi-platform sales management application which gives more power and control to sales reps and managers.

For sales reps, Saleboat gives quick access to all the tools and information they need to close sales, keep existing clients happy and generally use their time effectively whether in or away from the office. It achieves this through maintaining a database of prospects a sales person is pursuing as well as all existing clients assigned to a sales person. Saleboat uses this information to keep track of exactly what interactions are happening with each client and prospect. All a sales person has to do is take Saleboat with and interact as they normally would, Saleboat will keep track of when,
where and how meetings and calls happen. Saleboat can even help a sales person determine what to do next.

Logo-BaseFor sales managers, Saleboat has an entirely flexible user hierarchy. Managers can define their teams exactly how they are, which means whether the sales team is 3 people or 300, it is still a perfect fit. Managers have access to the data of teams and users below them in the hierarchy and powerful reporting functionality which turns all that data collected by sales reps into meaningful information and is made available both online, in real time as well as in scheduled emails. If users are using the available Saleboat mobile app, real time sales rep tracking is available to managers, without being intrusive.
The Saleboat platform includes a consistent and fully featured support structure. All Saleboat features for both managers and sales reps are fully documented and contextual links are available throughout Saleboat. This means all users can quickly become comfortable and confident in using the system. In addition to the online documentation, comprehensive Saleboat training is available. If any user gets really stuck, live support is ready to help. Saleboat is a web-based platform, which means users benefit from weekly updates and always have the latest and best version. In addition, users may request features and make suggestions for future updates.

Saleboat is accessible via the web from any internet capable device using unique and secure logins and offers additional functionality on mobile devices. The stylish interface has been specifically crafted for ease of use and employs an intuitive and recognisable design. Regardless of whether a user is comfortable with Windows, Android, OS X or iOS, Saleboat is available and is easy to pick up and use.