Top 100 South African Tech Companies

Kusasa and the TT100

During the months of late 2014, Kusasa Information Systems entered a competition known as the TT100. Kusasa managed to make it through to the finals and was invited to attend the award ceremony on the 2nd of February 2015.
The aim of the TT100 is to find the most innovative technology companies in the country, the competition is split into 4 categories.

The areas in which the companies are judged are numerous, and include areas such as, innovation in systems to innovation in people management.

Kusasa fell under the emerging market category and excelled in every aspect of the arduous competition. Kusasa was recognized and awarded a certificate which expresses the fact that they may assume their place, among the top 100 tech companies in the country.

Innovation is in the blood of every person who associates themselves with Kusasa and that was made clear with the success that the company achieved in this demanding competition, as well as by the way the company has grown exponentially in its short yet explosive existence.

Kusasa can credit its success to its directors who are all 4, truly brilliant. With experience ranging from marketing and IT to construction and insurance, the directors are able to lead the company in the direction of great success. Many people have ideas, many of them great, but creating a sustainable business with true potential is where the real challenge lies. Only true entrepreneurial minds could have taken the idea for a single piece of software and turned the idea into what Kusasa Information Systems is today.

Kusasa creates custom software as well as offering software solutions in the form of services, adjusted to fit into any size operation with ease. From on-site data capturing, sales force management and data mining, Kusasa does it all.

Kusasa has managed to exceed almost all expectations and is sure to be a household name in the B2B software industry. Kusasa has been contracted by large global corporations as well as sole proprietors, looking to start up, each one receiving the same level of excellent service and high quality work that they deserve.


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