PICS and Time

Time Management with PICS

We are all busy, time is not a resource we all can afford. We’ve designed PICS to save you time in the office and on site every day.

medium_6406600363PICS takes some time to get used to and a little more time to set up for your specific requirements. PICS also requires that you maintain the jobs and tasks required of your on-site representatives. So how have we actually managed to make PICS save you time, rather than spend it?

The key, as usual, is a two part solution. Part one being automation and part two being dynamic user interaction processing. Part one has many features available now. We are working on part two as I type up this post.

Automation, it’s getting certain aspects to run without user input. PICS follows quite a complex data retrieval, analysis and presentation process. The challenge has been getting all the functionality we can out of it while at the same time trying to make sure the input required is fast and simple.

To achieve sufficient automation over traditional data collection, we have applied the following:

Time Savers

  • A job wizard which allows you to quickly define the data you would like collected on site and assign it to an appropriate representative at an appropriate time. If you use the same or similar jobs, you my save common fields for later use.
  • Separate user interface for data collection. There is no navigating through menus required. Your representative is only presented with the tasks required for completion which fall within the scheduled times of the job.
  • Scheduling, the simple idea of saying when things should be done. This often underestimated tool allows for multiple days or weeks’ worth of data collection requirements to be defined at one time. Once it’s all done, PICS will only display the jobs on the data collection interface that fall within the current time frame. Meaning you can schedule way in advance and your representative can stay focused on what needs to be done now.
  • Online task and job viewing. You may view the data collected on individual tasks or for the job as a whole online from the PICS admin interface. You can be in the loop with what’s happening at all times by clicking a few buttons. Following up is built in, so if you have to engage your on-site representatives, you already know exactly what is done and what isn’t, saving a lot of explaining.
  • Report generation. You can download all the data from a complete job in PDF format for archiving and sending on to relevant parties, there’s no need to rebuild any documentation yourself. It’s done in one click and about 2 seconds.

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