Establishing an Office for an innovative company

Kusasa Information Systems is one of the notable, innovative companies active in South Africa today. It offers custom built software to fill any business’ needs, as well as their own SAS ( Software as a Service) offerings such as PICS and the latest service, Saleboat, which is to launch in early July. There is no doubt that the company is taking the South African software industry by storm, but how do you create an office environment where innovation and creativity can flow, and yet productivity is not sacrificed?

When dealing with staff, Kusasa has a very simple philosophy, people want an environment where they feel relaxed and free, whilst maintaining some control of the environment around them. It is because of this that Kusasa has chosen to utilize alternating work stations as opposed to rigid, specific seating for its staff. A work station consists of a large desk, a comfortable chair, a monitor, a keyboard and a mouse. The Kusasa employee, being the eccentric genius that he/she is, will always prefer using his/her own hardware, which is why he/she will more often than not, supply their own laptop which plugs directly into any work station. This configuration lays down the framework to creating an environment that will nurture relaxation and productivity.

offices-1024x768Every Door in the office is to remain open at all times, this promotes a collaborative effort, which is to be used on any and all projects, even the sales team may have a good idea for where to place buttons on an app, or how to transition between pages of a website smoothly. No member of the Kusasa team is limited by their title.

Kusasa HQ is currently situated on Grant Avenue, Norwood. Grant Avenue is in an up and coming area which hustles and bustles much like the streets in a big city, yet is easily accessible and hardly ever is engulfed in traffic like other cities in Gauteng often are. There is most definitely a link between the energy in the area around the HQ and the energy within it, which is why the Norwood offices have benefitted the team greatly.

Here at Kusasa we don’t overly emphasise neat work stations while the team is at work, as long as when they leave, the work station is in the same condition it was when they arrived. As the saying goes, if a messy desk is an indicator for a messy mind, then what does an empty desk indicate?

There are several restaurants within walking distance from the HQ, which allows for minimum effort and time wastage when it comes to the search for nourishment as humans often need to do.

In summation, in order to create a working environment to house the most eccentric and intelligent of employees, one needs to create an environment just as eccentric and functionally intelligent. Ease of access, no rigidity and no restrictions, whilst positioning itself in an area that allows energy to be absorbed from the excitement and constant activity of its surroundings.

Innovation is not only found in ones work, but rather it is a lifestyle that needs to be nurtured in every aspect of one’s day to day life

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